ET-MOTOR: modular rotary motor with tangential explosions


Posted on 28-12-2020 09:00 PM

ET-MOTOR revolutionary explosion engine : vibration-free, low noise, no heating, easy to manufacture, scalable, works with little lubricant and in all positions of the space.
ET-MOTOR: modular rotary motor with tangential explosions
French patent n ° FR 0306455 / European patent n ° EP 1423588 / USA Application n ° 10/515904

Hello, on these few pages here is the presentation of ET-MOTOR, the first rotary modular motor with tangential explosions . This concept germinated in my mind, more than a decade ago, when I imagined that a heat engine could function differently than with the archaic “connecting rod-crank” system. From this simple idea, ET-MOTOR was born.
After having manufactured a wooden model reproducing the new system "mechanically", I drew up plans for the development of the prototype, which was manufactured by a small French workshop. The precision of the parts is 1 / 50th. This means that it corresponds to that of the mechanics of 100 years ago, so far from the super precision of today's engines.
Yet as we can see on this site, ET-MOTOR works and even very well. The ignition was developed by Daniel CARALLI electronics engineer, who runs a small engine tune-up workshop at La Seyne / Mer near TOULON in the Var in France and who has been part of the team ever since. The most difficult was the development of the carburetion, because we relied on the tuning of the traditional piston engine which works with a ratio of 1 to 15, that is to say 1 gram of fuel for 15 grams of air, AND-MOTOR on this setting, has never worked. And it was only after having impoverished the explosive mixture in an incredible way that the first explosion took place.
Today the admission is ensured by two pipes. A 12MM diameter air tube and a propane tube with its 4/10 MM diameter nozzle. The ratio of these two sections corresponds to 1/900. We are very far from the 1/15 ratio of the piston engine. And if indeed this finding materializes on future engines built on the concept of ET-MOTOR but with greater precision, one should expect phenomenal and incredible fuel economy.
So you, engineers, mechanics, engine manufacturers, you cannot fail to grasp the advantages brought by this new thermal rotary engine. Moreover, its advantages are described in more detail opposite. But even though they look amazing, they are real.
Of course, ET-MOTOR deserves to be developed all over the planet. To this end, exclusive licenses or not including the participation of the team and its know-how, are ready to be transferred. Contact.
François Tagliafero
Saint Mandrier, May 15, 2005
40 to 50 times less fuel!?!?
If so, energy savings, negligible pollution and increased autonomy. ET-MOTOR runs experimentally with a mixture of propane and air at 5 bar pressure, in a proportion of 1/900! and not 1/15 as in a conventional explosion engine !!

no vibrations
Since there is no reciprocating movement of the parts.

little heating, little lubrication
Since the contact of the push-buttons only occurs over a 30 ° sector, per 360 ° turn, i.e. on 1 / 12th of a turn.

Lightweight and very easy to build
Few moving parts: 2 handwheels per module and their push buttons

possibility of increasing the number of modules.

What uses is it intended for?
According to the ET-MOTOR team, it would seem perfect to equip new super economical generators, with a great autonomy and little polluting ...... Which is already good. But it can surely be exploited for many other uses ...

click to see and hear ET-MOTOR turn
prototype, parts made to 1 / 50th of a mm, propane gas fuel, accelerations and decelerations caused by modification of the propane inlet flow

click to see simplified ET-MOTOR running in a Flash animation.
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European patent
To view the European patent online: - enter in the "Publication number" box: EP 1423588 (year 2005) in the "week" box enter the number 18.